Get a Taste of Local Life through the unique hands-on Experiences we have personally selected for you to ensure you get to see what life in Tuscany is really like!
Discover the real Florence with our customized itineraries designed to give you an insider’s look at what life in Tuscany is truly like. These hand-picked experiences let you immerse yourself in the local culture whether through visiting artisans’ workshops, local farms, traditional restaurants, or wine and olive oil producers, or through making and seeing history for yourself with an expert tour or an engaging, hands-on painting or drawing workshop. See first-hand how olive oil, caprino cheese and salami are made, or go to a local vineyard to taste some of the best Tuscan wine, or discover what the label “Made in Florence” really stands for by watching artisans in their workshops as they produce masterpieces.

Artisans & workshops


Delve into the rich Florentine tradition of jewelry making. Learn from a master Florentine goldsmith and acquire the skills to confidently use gold in your jewelry designs. We work in a fully equipped jewelry studio full of light and space. Located in the heart of the artisan district of Florence, just steps from Piazza Santo Spirito
With Monica Cardone in this half day workshop, you will get your hands dirty and create your own sterling silver ring using traditional goldsmithing techniques and tools. You will learn how to saw, file, and solder and walk away from this experience with a deeper appreciation for handmade jewelry as well as a stunning keepsake.
No experience necessary. All materials provided. 4 hours.


Scuola del Cuoio Long-Term Programs provide students with a fully immersive experience into the traditional craft of leather working. The courses are designed with a focus on the technical aspects of bag making, particularly in the area of pattern making and construction process. The aim is to provide students with the skill-set to realize their ideas and creativity into an actual finalized product. Long Term Programs are offered in Apprentice Level and Artisan Level to participants who are over 18. Scuola del Cuoio is pleased to offer scholarships to Italians unprivileged, awarded by administrators of Scuola del Cuoio.


The person, seduced by bottles and droppers, has the opportunity to sit in this surreal desk where a specialist will guide him in creating his own perfume.
Enjoy a 1 hour, one-to-one consultation with our fragrance specialist using the selection of 198 blends. Discover your scent profile and create your own fragrance. Take home your 100ml Profumoir bottle beautifully packaged with its velvet box and your exclusive formula.
You will have access to Sileno Cheloni ’s private laboratory and to the “Olfattoteca” which is a more than 2000 essences library.
his workshop is a great introduction into the art of perfumery, a great way of learning a new skill and a brilliant opportunity to create something truly unique.

Art & culture

Painting & Drawing

For guests interested in discovering or developing their artistic skills while visiting Florence, our team at Your Place In Florence (YPIF) can customize painting experiences with our close connection to local providers of art instruction, art supplies and historical and artistic tours in the City.

Painting/Drawing sessions. Participants to our customized experiences can make drawings or paintings from their choice of still life, cast work, old master copies or photographs using oil, charcoal, watercolor or acrylic. Sketching sessions in the City’s gardens and museums may be arranged. Plein air painting in Florence’s landmarks near the Palazzi are also a good alternative to indoor painting sessions and can be organized by the YPIF team.

Photos above are taken from painting sessions at the Lungarno/Ponte San Niccolo area, the Iris Garden, and the Rose Garden in Florence.

Art sessions for children. Activities for children enrich creativity through drawing and art projects using different materials and methods. Sessions engage children in productive play and allow them to apply and develop hand and eye coordination, visual perception, and appreciation for nature. These sessions let children discover the joy of creating in an atmosphere of fun and relaxation. They are an effective way of learning new skills and an appreciation of the world through art.

Tour with guide

The best Florence is your Florence! The Florentine Guide DOC!, Elena with Flair, will be your personal guide and transform your trip in to your personal experience, balanced blend of curiosities, crafts, stunning views and breathtaking masterpieces discovered at your own pace.
Charming atmosphere and will meet locals, spending quality time admiring the details of the Renaissance paintings at the Uffizi or appreciating sculptures in Piazza della Signoria, listening to the energy of the Gregorian chants in San Miniato al Monte or loud voices negotiating in dialect at an outdoor market. Your freshly brewed morning espresso and fresh baked pastry at a local Pasticceria, or breathe deeply after the hike up to Brunelleschi’s Dome when Florence opens up around you!

Food & wine

Cooking Class

Florence Food Studio – best cooking classes in florence presents: “A day in the Kitchen” one day cooking class lesson lasts approximately 3.5 hours. The course is hands on. You will prepare a four course menu, using the best seasonal products and learn making fresh handmade pasta. Wine is also included. After the lesson you will be able to relax and dine with the recipes you prepared. This will be a private course with our excellent chef Giorgio Pinto.
You may decide to add our unique “botteghe walk”. A short shopping walk in one of Florence’s most authentic neighbourhoods, avoiding the tourist packed markets. Together with our Chef you will hunt for produce visiting our small family run butcher, vegetable stall and an unmissable cheese shop , before heading back to the school for your lesson.

Private Tours

Your Place in Florence is able to offer a personalized tour with our personal driver with private car or van with wifi connection, welcome water and you can also charge your Phone (any kind of phone!) to discover hidden places and villages and visit a private farm, tasting olive oil, cheese and off-course wine! We can organize a personal tour with you to visit all the cities and villages of Tuscany and have a personal guide and you can also decide to change the program during the trip. You can also think of doing everything in one, tour – guide – cooking lesson and wine tasting… you are the architect of your destiny and we are here to help you to become true!

Farms and Wineries

We are very proud to be Florentine and live in wonderful region of Tuscany. You can choose to go anywhere in our amazing countryside from the mountain to the hill, from chianti to the sea, from Mugello to Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci, from Colli Senesi to Montepulciano and Maremma and you will have an extraordinary experience of taste of wine. We have fortunately some directly contacts with familiar and little farms that you can meet and taste the true life of wine and traditional history of grapes and Tuscany countryside since 1716 when Cosimo III de’ Medici drawed the limits of the first DOC in the world, the unique Chianti.

Tea Tasting

We had the pleasure of doing this meeting six years ago now OroNero with Elisa and Lucia.
They manage a small artisan chocolate shop that comes from the best cocoa in the world
and leaf tea, also of excellent quality that come from Japan, China, India and also from other countries, such as Thailand, from which our precious Biodynamics come, which gave them the opportunity to be mentioned and interviewed by the prestigious Gambero Rosso, the Italian publishing house specializing in food.
The collaboration with the Oronero began in 2014, when they participated
at the first event organized to bring together the various local entities of the Oltrarno at Palazzo Belfiore – LIVE IT LOCAL. In this first appointment, Lucia and Elisa had a taste of their blend of green and white tea: Florence with Love, but the following year, always at the same event, they had already created a blend of tea called “Palazzo Belfiore”. A black tea with rosebuds, orange, chocolate and, also to highlight Florence, the Pomegranate, a fruit rich in symbolism.
In the various years, Elisa and Lucia have also presented a blend always in the name of Palazzo Belfiore, but in a green version and then a new black tea for Palazzo San Niccolò, taking up the taste of jasmine that perfumes the village inside the palace itself, and enriched with lemon and tropical fruits.
It is possible to be part of seminar on Japanese Matcha green tea, exalted the Japanese tea ceremony (Cha No Yu) conducted by a teacher from the Sen No Rikyu school or simple have a tea tasting of a large choices of more than 100 kind of blend directly to the shop of Oronero!

Riding & driving

Barchetta in Arno

With our friend Kathy McCabe of Dream of Italy … “When I Dream of Italy, I Dream of…
The stillness and silence under the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. It’s a stark contrast to the hubbub of the tourists and locals speaking a mélange of languages as they cross the cobblestones above on the iconic bridge that Hitler reportedly deemed so beautiful it was spared from bombing.So how did I get to experience this moment of zen so close to the chaos?Very few boats – save the occasional scull or crew boat – are allowed on the Arno River.One exception is the historic boat I am on this day – made of wood, with a flat bottom – that was traditionally used to carry sand (rena) along the Arno. The Associazione Culturale I Renaioli has brought these boats back to life. The renaioli are the men who dug up the sand and who steered the boats with long wooden rods.“They used it (the sand) to build the Uffizi, the Palazzo Vecchio, the Ponte Vecchio,” explains my friend Federico who has joined me for the boat ride. Florence was literally built from the sand of the Arno. As we float next to the Uffizi, I realize I have never seen it from this vantage point, its massive presence regally sitting on the river; the usual lines of tourists hidden from few. As we approach the Ponte Vecchio, the anticipation builds as the yellow-hued jewelry stores, which in their former lives were butcher shops, get closer and nearly on top of this. Federico and I are giddy with excitement as we come under the bridge to something totally shocking: nearly complete silence, all we can hear is the lapping of the water as our renaiolo steers us through. It feels like for just a few seconds we’re in a bubble. The bright sun is behind and in front of us but we are in the shade. I always say, “When in Italy, look up.” And so we do, to see the bridge from the bottom and a totally different perspective. We laugh at how millions see the Ponte Vecchio from above but we are among the few to see it from underneath. You can too! From April to October, you can enjoy a 45-minute boat ride with one of the renaioli. For more information, visit www.renaioli.it


DeGustibus, Gilberto, Riccardo and Tommaso, three bikers who will guide you to discover our Florence, Chianti and Tuscany.
Motocarrozzetta Vintage Sidecar tour is a dream come true: we have always thought that the vintage URAL sidecar is the best way to discover the true spirit of Tuscany, which means: Traditions, Beauty, Fun,Culture, good food and good wine.
At the moment you can choose different types of tours ready, some in Florence and surroundings (available at different times of the day, morning afternoon sunset and at night) and one with an extension in Chianti and visit to a winery with tasting and light lunch.

Bike Tour

Florence by bike in the city or countryside, it is green way to discover our wonderful center and amazing countryside with typical landscape of Chianti and Val d’Orcia! Helmets on, all off for an exciting day on the road! Let’s do it to feel the true air of florentine life style.

Vespa and 500 tour

Join the Vespa Club and 500 Club, live the Italian Dolce Vita with FlorenceTown!
Helmets on, all off for an exciting day on the road!
Led by a local guide drive your own Vespa along the quiet, cypress-lined country roads of the Chianti area, capturing the best of the scenery, the countryside aromas and soft breezes!
Enjoy the feel of the fresh country air as you admire the gentle fields dotted with silvery olive groves, tiny ancient parish churches and golden-hued farmhouses.
Take in the beauty of luxuriant vineyards and stop along the way for photos, and for a lovely visit to a famous local winery.
You will enjoy a typical Tuscan lunch (or dinner). Relish the unique flavors of seasonal local specialties, learn about the estate’s approach to winemaking and savor the best, with a guided tasting of the estate wine and olive oil.

Sport & wellness


Are you willing to take a break from your life and dive deep into another culture, taking care of your body and soul, creating some space inside to reconnect with yourself, have fun, practice yoga and indulge into some serious shopping experience?
Wanna take some time alone, but don’t want to feel lonely? Do you want to join a like-minded community from all over the world, get inspired by fellow travelers?

Just a few steps above the crowds of the streets and piazzas below, Relax Firenze’s calming, soothing, and stress-relieving decor and ambience immediately creates total relaxation.

The Experiences at Relax Firenze will be a complete Italian wellness experience exploring the culture, history, and beauty of the renaissance city along with daily yoga and wellness treatments. Check out the different programs below, choose the one that’s perfect for you or contact us to design together your unique wellness experience.


In the middle of the city and just behind the hill of Belvedere you can play your passion of tennis in the green island of Tennis la Carraia, with red and typical tennis field of Italy. climbing the hill to arrive at your place of Tennis in Florence is perfect way to warm your legs’s muscles before start your game!

Tour & shopping

Shopping & Lifestyle

Barbara of Beyond Florence, guide you into the cradle of Renaissance art , is home to exclusive craftsmanship and unique artisan traditions preserved over the time and passed down through generations.
It has a lot to offer when it comes to style and elegance as well, after all the “Made in Italy” fashion was born here at the beginning of 1950’s. The traditional craftwork and creative talent lies at the basis of most of the great houses of fashion industry founded here.
Thanks to its amazing historical and architectural backgrounds, Florence is nowadays a cultural exchange location for design enthusiasts – from charming vintage pieces to contemporary items – as well as a hub for the world’s leading art dealers and internationally acclaimed contemporary artists.
Our Shopping&Lifestyle itineraries are a way to reveal authentic and exciting sides of the city.