Our team

Our team

We are a small company, lover of Florence and the whole Tuscan territory, which deals with short and long stays in the heart of the city at our three luxurious and ancient Palaces, whose origins date back to the fourteenth century.
Our mission is simple but essential: to leave you with a wonderful memory of the experience lived in Florence through our passion and dedication for our city.
It is important for us to take care of our guests, paying attention to every detail and need so that you can spend moments of complete relaxation and carelessness. At the time of booking, we inform you about the nature of your stay and if you do not know how to move or what to visit in Florence, we will be happy to help you make your perfect stay in Florence!
Even if we are not present in the Palaces 24/24h, you will have maximum assistance from us at any time: at check-in we will provide you with our contacts to make sure you have any kind of support in case of questions or emergencies. However, should you have any kind of need, it is our concern to reach the various buildings in a short time: we all live in the area! Passionate about our territory, it was impossible for us not to show and let you experience the city with our eyes! We want our guests to always feel at home…away from home!



The Manager “Blessed among women”, is 100% florentine and a true Florence history lover. He will give you the best tips for a real Tuscan experience from food and wine tasting to some unknown florentine tales.


A true chic florentine! She takes care of the accounting and coordinates the housekeeping. She welcomes our guests warmly and assures that everybody’s needs are met during the stay. She also takes care of the organization of our beautiful events!


Just joined the team and is completely in love with the city! She will welcome you together with Federico and take care of your stay. Chiara will be very happy to help you for any necessity or information.

Francesca and Annalisa

Are the back office team and work mostly from remote in charge of Administration and Marketing, but always available to help with every detail of your stay!