Details are not details

Our name says it all: Your Place in Florence. Being in Florence, one of the world’s most spectacular cities, and at once feeling centered within, and knowing you are in the right place. This is what we want our guests to experience, and the reason we created a singular set of custom-crafted facilities, amenities, and services. 

Our Palaces represent the quintessence of the Florentine lifestyle. Because each has its character and personality, we are able to meet the needs, satisfy the desires, and surpass the expectations of an increasingly diverse clientele. Our leading philosophy, providing services that go above and beyond, is based on a simple, yet extremely meaningful, concept: we pictured your desires, and made them real.


We make your dreams come true 

There’s much more to Your Place in Florence than hospitality: devoted to your satisfaction, we pride ourselves in being able to provide you with the partnership you need to plan memorable events in Florence. Painstaking attention to detail is our forte, and San Niccolò is an unrivaled venue. Ideal for all types of events, from private parties and get-togethers to corporate meetings, the palace offers a sophisticated lounge, simply fabulous for video and photo shooting, and a charming garden. 

A world-class venue that enhances your celebrations and functions, turning them into events that will be remembered forever.

Tailor-design is what Your Place in Florence is all about. Custom-crafting is the core of our vision, and this mindset allows us to embrace all shades and nuances of event hosting. 

Including providing the spaces, team and energy needed to create a flawless, impeccable, event.


A host of social areas to focus and free your mind

Your Place in Florence opens its doors to coworking, creating thought-provoking, inspirational, innovative hubs. Our Palaces, all strategically located in Florence’s historic heart, are now brimming with an incessant flow of novel ideas. The Palaces’ rooms and suites have come alive with the energy brought in by a multifaceted community of pros, startuppers, project managers, and all those that need an open, interactive, sleek, and stimulating workspace. 

When it comes to productivity, ambiance is crucial. The spaces we chose to dedicate to coworking are designed to be physically welcoming, offer the utmost comfort, and foster cooperation and networking. Our coworking suites are the perfect place to come up with fresh ideas and develop brand-new projects.


Style is a timeless choice

Design, research, and attention to detail: that’s what Your Place in Florence is all about. Every single one of our spaces provides guests with a refined atmosphere and a perfectly balanced blend of classical and avant-garde nuances. At Palazzo del Moro, for instance, each suite leads guests to experience a timeless world made of elegance, exclusivity, and comfort. Here, luxury encompasses authenticity and ingenious touches, recalls a magnificent past, and is crafted to pamper guests and convey the feeling of a sheltered world. An ageless cocoon, in a suspended dimension.

Barrier-free access

Simple is sometimes better than perfect

Meticulous restoration work has revealed and revived the former Renaissance splendor of Palazzo Belfiore, and enhanced the exquisitely Florentine flavor of each room with a contemporary twist. Attention to detail and to our guests’ needs blend with elegance, creating an inclusive building where the ground-floor apartments are designed and equipped to welcome people with disabilities. We have endeavored to remove all limits and barriers to make your stay the most comfortable ever.


Character and Personality reflecting Florentine allure

Your Place in Florence does think about every detail that can turn a pleasant stay into a unique experience. This is why we provide our guests with an exclusive car and chauffeur service. A private chauffeur takes care of all transportation for guests who arrive and/or depart either by rail or air. Dedicated qualified staff will greet you upon arrival, facilitate luggage logistics and assist you until you are comfortably accommodated in your chosen lodging.