Palazzo San Niccolò

The free spirit of Florence

Palazzo del Moro

Contemporary comfort

Palazzo Belfiore

Your private Renaissance

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The Palazzi Selection

Florence iconic living

The Palazzi Selection by Your Place in Florence provides a vast range of choices devised to respond to the demands of an increasingly diverse clientele: a public ever more mindful and conscious, especially when it comes to planning a stay away from home. The timeless charm and energy of Florence welcome and engage its visitors, Your Place in Florence takes care of everything else. From the minute you arrive, and until your departure, being our guest means one thing only: that if details are what make the difference, every single detail is our priority.

  • Palazzo San Niccolò is a gem encased in the heart of Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood, amidst artisan workshops, and charming cafés where one can enjoy a pleasant break in between one city wonder and another. Retro design, ultra-contemporary overtones, a Fifties spirit, and modern character make Palazzo San Niccolò a magical place. Here, spaces blend into one another harmoniously, creating an ambiance perfect for sharing and socializing. From the enchanting garden to the sumptuous lounge, each area is designed to be welcoming, and build a connection between the spaces and those that inhabit them.
  • Palazzo del Moro is an exemplary creation in the style of Your Place in Florence. An ultra-chic renovation of a period residence, the Palazzo is the result of a perfect synergism between classic Florentine aesthetics and avant-garde design. Five luxury suites, each with its own distinctive personality, each unique and impeccable. Exclusive, luxurious, and ironic style choices combine contemporary furnishings with restored antique furniture and vintage 1950s pieces.
  • Palazzo Belfiore welcomes our guests to classical Florence; a city that retains, and proudly expresses, its essential identity as Queen of the Renaissance. Steps away from the Pitti Palace, Ponte Vecchio, and the historic Santo Spirito neighborhood, it is – among all the Your Place in Florence palaces – an unexpected jewel. Subtly refined and elegant, it is enriched by tastefully restored artistic and architectural features. Palazzo Belfiore is the perfect solution for those who want to discover Florence’s authentic heart and traditional soul, whilst enjoying the comfort and privileges of a superior category stay.

The Palazzi Selection by Your Place in Florence includes a wide variety of strategically located properties, each distinctive, and hence unique. Charming settings in which art meets design, and beauty blends with comfort. Places where every single room, apartment, or suite is characterized by a common denominator: luxury.

Palazzo San Niccolò

The essence of Florence’s Oltrarno neighborhood: contemporary design and a retro spirit in spaces designed to welcome and build connections.

Palazzo del Moro

The aesthetics of luxury combined with absolute comfort, in the heart of Florence. Exclusive furnishings and an exquisitely ironic and sumptuous ambiance.

Palazzo Belfiore

A palace that celebrates Florence, and its leading role as the Queen of the Italian Renaissance, brought back to its original splendor thanks to a careful sophisticated renovation.

Palazzo Ricorboli

The ideal solution for those who seek an elegant and exclusive atmosphere outside the main city center: the perfect place to collect one’s thoughts and unwind.

Palazzo San Felice

The timeless elegance of a charming Florentine residence in the Santo Spirito neighborhood, just a stone’s throw from the Pitti Palace.

Medium and long-term stays

You are welcome. For as long as you wish to stay.

Your Place in Florence turns luxury travel into a whole new experience. Whether you choose to visit for a short time, or are planning a medium or long-term stay, nothing is predetermined and everything is customized.

Luxury and comfort are not the same thing, but they coexist splendidly in Your Place in Florence housing solutions. Every detail mirrors our idea of what an ideal stay should be: perfect from every point of view and tailored to your wishes and needs.

At liberty to choose the option that best suits their requirements and desires, our guests have the freedom to live in Florence for as long as they wish, enjoying a full immersion in the city’s authentic heart, and experiencing its incessant contemporary reinvention.