The Experiences Collection

Experience your own Florence

Experiences by Your Place in Florence is an ambitious project designed to strengthen the bond between our guests and the city of Florence. 

Over the years, our team identified and hand-picked a selection of products, skills, and wonders unique to Florence and Tuscany. Today, we present these to you via a range of diverse proposals, created to lead you straight into the essence of Tuscany, and discover our region’s lifestyle, beauty, and authenticity. 

Enjoy discovering the city firsthand, and uncovering its manifold features: from art to wellness, to shopping and lifestyle, each of our Experiences is sure to leave a lasting memory because it fulfills your desires.

Designed to involve and inspire our guests, the Experiences by Your Place in Florence allow visitors to partake in each memorable moment personally, by touching, tasting, and admiring Florence’s and Tuscany’s signature genius hands-on. 

Our Experiences are enlightening outings crafted to meet your singular desires and distinctive interests and fashioned to meet your passions.

Sports & Wellness

Discovering Florence is delightfully different

Renew. Re-energize. Be inspired. Your Place in Florence offers its guests all-embracing fitness experiences in an exclusive setting: a secret garden in the heart of Florence. From Yoga classes to wellness programs designed to restore energy balance, to high-impact aerobic activities, such as tennis, are all available privately and by appointment. Committed to sustainability, Your Place in Florence also offers special eco-friendly experiences, like our relaxed bike tour, iconic Florentine lifestyle, and a fabulous way to discover Tuscany’s natural beauty!

Tours & Visits 

Take a walk on Your Place in Florence side

Florence is a city that looks to the future, and at the same time passionately guards the important legacy that has made it famous worldwide, and is still today synonymous with Italian excellence. 

Art, beauty, lifestyle: Your Place in Florence organizes guided city tours aimed at allowing guests to discover the authenticity and diversity of Florence, a cultural hub and fashion capital like no other, and hence an ideal place for shopping. 

Florence is also a haven of culinary delights, and to provide our guests with genuine firsthand insight into the local flavors and tradition, we plan tours and tasting sessions focused on getting to know the finest Tuscan specialties. Paired with the best local wines, of course.

Arts & Craftsmen

Some things are not too beautiful to be true

In Florence, art beckons art. Your Place in Florence responds by crafting bespoke painting classes and fine arts experiences, via special partnerships, personal contacts with local artists and artisans, and our extensive deep-rooted bonds with the Florentine cultural scene. 

Inspiration, creativity, expression. By offering our guests a selection of customized painting and drawing sessions, held in lovely Florentine gardens and/or in the city’s major museums, we aim to enable them to reproduce the motifs and objects they love best, and those they feel are most evocative. We also offer special workshops for younger participants, specially crafted to stimulate their natural freedom of expression and encourage their first approach to art.