The Collection

The Unexpected Classic

Getting to Florence, discovering a constantly evolving city, and at once experiencing the joy of feeling at home: welcome to Your Place in Florence, a realm that opens before you, revealing countless hospitality solutions designed to meet, and surpass, each client’s expectations. 

Your Place in Florence palaces are special places, perfect for seeing and experiencing Florence from the inside, in deep symbiosis with the art, local culture, and manifold beauty that have made Italy famous worldwide. All topped up by the utmost luxury: the freedom to plan a long or medium-range stay, as you wish, and to choose the type of property that best suits your needs and style.

Choose Uniqueness.

Choose Your Place in Florence

There’s more to travel than the many marvels one sees and discovers. Coming home is the true essence of every journey: the priceless sensation of being back where you belong, and feel welcome and at ease. This is how we want our guests to feel: eager to come back, and certain that choosing a Your Place in Florence palace is always the best solution.

Your Place in Florence offers a collection of properties complete with a range of bespoke services tailored to the needs and desires of our clients, and devised to help them custom-sketch their time in Florence. Visiting Florence is an unparalleled experience, and at Your Place in Florence we strive to make it unique, and unforgettable. Our palaces, our team, and the services and experiences we offer are all designed to live up to your expectations. And, hence, meet our own. Florence, a haven of Italian art and culture, a city where beauty and design blend and contemporary style becomes a new aesthetic standard and redefines the term “classic”.  A classic is forever, and always has something beautiful to say. Your Place in Florence embodies the city’s very essence, showcasing it in the comfort, privacy, and design of its signature palaces.

Our History

Your Place in Florence stems from an idea and intuition, and the project these led to, and has become a solid well-established reality that keeps growing and improving to welcome and satisfy our guests’ every need. Your Place in Florence is a deep-rooted, thriving universe that looks to the future. Just like Florence.

At Your Place in Florence, we believe that a visit to Florence should be perfect, rather than just pleasant. This, we know, can be achieved only by taking care of every single detail. Hence, we chose to focus on our original idea and provide our clients with different accommodation solutions. Each has its own distinctive style and personality, but all are linked by a common style code: beauty. Why choose our palaces? Because they are the best. The history of Your Place sets it apart from pre-existing standards, and our idea of hospitality follows no pre-defined guidelines. Because, quite simply, it exceeds both. Today, we are proud to present our wonderful selection of palaces: all in perfect keeping with the original period architecture and style, all equipped in compliance with the highest standards of international hospitality.

The Pursuit of Quality

There is no room for pre-packaged solutions at Your Place in Florence palaces: tailor-made creation is what sets us apart, the signature that makes the difference for us – and especially for our clients. We pride ourselves on pursuing an innovative idea of hospitality that embraces multiple spheres and is open to contamination between art, luxury, and lifestyle.

Your Place in Florence is the expression of a new idea of hospitality that focuses on being connected, listening, and creating customized experiences. Your Place in Florence is a manifold realm with a powerful common denominator: the search for absolute quality. Every detail within our palaces reflects the timeless beauty of the city of Florence. The infinite grace of style combined with the strength of personality: this is the character of Your Place in Florence. It is in the importance of details that uniqueness is built: over time, we have developed a peripheral and inclusive vision, which goes from the universal to the particular and vice versa, to capture the best and transfer it to the client. No secrets, no formulas: a comprehensive idea that leads to concrete results, first and foremost the satisfaction of those who return to choose Your Place in Florence. This is our greatest success.

The Team

We like to imagine your stay as an experience that will take you straight into the heart of Florence. Taking care of every detail is our job and we do it with passion, aiming to ensure our guests enjoy the utmost satisfaction.

How? By designing integrated hospitality solutions, achieved thanks to a crew of professionals who take care of different market niches that are able to carry out our idea of a luxurious lifestyle. Our flexible and dynamic team comprises qualified pros capable of detecting and interpreting our clients’ needs, and turning their stay in Florence into a continuous discovery replete with beauty, well-being, and the satisfaction of every desire. The deep knowledge of the hospitality industry, combined with flexibility, is what makes our crew of select professionals the reference point for Your Place in Florence customers who want to enjoy the privilege of freedom while being attended to free and pampered throughout their stay. Managing one’s time and space autonomously is the ultimate luxury: all our endeavors are directed to placing our guests at the center of qualified and efficient service, and being ready to respond to individual requests at all times, with the utmost discretion and respect for privacy.