A Summer in Florence

Summertime in Florence is like no other with a happening nightlife, lively cultural scene day in and day out, warmth (and lots of it), and a million more breathtaking experiences that you will be able to surround yourself with. Not to mention, we have a few special Florentine holiday’s that make the atmosphere even more fun and special for everyone to enjoy.

Florence is filled with fun throughout the summertime and we would love for you to get to experience all these unique experiences with us.

Apart from the touring around all of Florence’s usual famous sites like El Duomo, Santa Croce, Ponte Vecchio, the Accademia, and more, here’s a list of a few of our favorite local events hosted throughout the summertime:

1) SAN GIOVANNI: June 24th

June 24th is a special day for Florence where we celebrate Saint John’s Feast Day: San Giovanni with  Florentine football, fireworks, food trucks, and more! It’s a complete fun filled day that everyone needs to experience while visiting Florence if they can.


Open throughout the entire summer and more, the Mercato Centrale, located right next to the Church of San Lorenzo, is home to many gastronomic treats and “stalls” that are full-on delis shipped from all over the world.

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday from 7AM till 2PM


Founded back in 1933, Maggio Musicale is Italy’s leading opera and classical music festival. Holding several different shows throughout the months of May and June, there’s plenty of time to stop in and watch for yourself.


Dating back to September 1972, Florence held the first edition of the Pitti Uomo. The Pitti Uomo is one of the world’s most important platforms for men’s clothing and accessory collections. It is hosted every year in the summer in Florence to launch new projects in men’s fashion.


The Feast Day of San Lorenzo is one of the most famous festivals in Florence. The whole square is filled with stalls serving free lasagna and watermelon along with hosting live music. This celebration is definitely an experience to be witnessed when you’re visiting Florence, especially when you need to take a break from the heat.

Summer Tips:

Apart from all the exciting events that Florence has to offer, here are some important tips to remember when visiting Florence in the summertime….

  • Summer months are the peak time of tourism in the city, so it is best to plan your trip well in advance
  • The heat in Florence during the summer is like no other. So, remember to have lots of gelato to surpass the heat throughout the day.
  • For the best photos, be sure to rise early and avoid all the touristy crowd to fully witness and take in all the beauty of our historical monuments.
  • Pack appropriate clothes like WALKING SHOES! Remember, comfort over cute any day.
  • STAY HYDRATED! Even when you aren’t thirsty, it’s still a good idea to drink as much water as you can with the heat being at its peak.

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